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Provides single window facility to the trade. Eliminates multiple handling. Professional experts in the management

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Whats new

Progress made in the project as we approach for start up, a clear view about what is comming up and when we are ready to lo live

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Full length Container Handling Line, Full length Coal / Bulk Handling Line, Full Length Liquid Handling Line, Full Length Liquid Handling

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Cost Savings in terms of Transportation and Handling for Customers in Kashipur and nearby regions

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Kashipur Infrastructure & Freight Terminal Pvt. Ltd. (KIFTPL) was incorporated on 11th November, 2011.It is a joint venture between APOLLO LOGISOLUTIONS LIMITED and INDIA GLYCOLS LIMITED and has developed a rail based Private Freight Terminal (PFT) cum Inland Container Depot (ICD) This facility will serve as a multi-modal logistic facility for EXIM and domestic cargo handling.

The objective is to provide logistic support to EXIM & domestic trade through containerized freight transportation and railway wagons. Its core business will be as an ICD operator, Warehousing Provider and Cattier Operation.